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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Through The Doorway of Intellect: Knowing The Force

Murat Yagan, Beloved community development mentor of New Horizons, in his profound monograph, Transformati0n And The Seven Ways To Knowledge, instructs us that the first level of knowledge is through the intellect. Murat, also, teaches that knowledge at the pinnacle of transformation is attained through an expansion of consciousness in the human mind along with an increasing subtlety of human energies.

Nonetheless, the Doorway of Intellect, begins our adventure.

Martin G. Groder, M.D., the psychiatrist mentor of my close association for close to a decade and one-half, did not quite recognize this process of ascension, at least not in the time of my apprenticeship with him.

As a result, the New Horizons Support Network model for personal and relationship transformation, community development and violence prevention, by necessity, required a merging of the teachings of these two mentors of mine to complete the philosophical position that came to underly all of its programs, projects and the workings of our board of directors.

How to convey such an intricate design as this, more than forty years in the making, is no easy task.

I feel quite up to the undertaking, however. So I intend to proceed on this monumental endeavor by taking heed of Murat’s organizing system for sharing the bounty of that which my life and the gifts of my two brilliant mentors, Murat and Marty, taught me by “telling” you what I know as comprehensively as I am able.

In other words by my providing Level One, the “telling,” according to Murat’s design.

How to guide and assist you with the process of personal and shared transformation beyond this I do not yet know. The how remains to be revealed to me as much as to you.  This will be one of my challenges on this shared journey of ours.

Taking the opportunity, nevertheless, that this site provides as a platform for the “telling,” you can look forward to my “telling” you about the power of the New Horizons approach, at whatever pace I can manage, by presenting the entirety of my collected works.

Look forward next to “The Prologue”of Surviving (Adrenalin) Addictions (1991). With this piece I will also invite you to expand upon my “telling” by your doing some personal application exercises of your own.

A journal for recording the knowledge you will gain through my “telling” and your contemplations on what I offer here, plus whatever personal applications you choose to take up from what I offer can be of immense benefit.

Good luck to both of us.

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