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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Surviving (Adrenalin) Addictions, Chapter Two, Part 2: Paying For Your Survivor/Addict Tendencies

The Cost of Having A Survivor/Addict Personality

Ok, you’ve read what I’ve written so far. Maybe even gone so far as to take my "Do You Have A Survivor/Addict Personality" Inventory." You’re even willing to consider you just might be a carrier of the Dark Side with its Survivor/Addict tendencies.

Well, so what? Big deal.

How much different than most everyone else around you are you?

Big deal. So you like to chase after excitement. Maybe your habits, especially when they come to excessive money expenditures are a bit over the top.

Big deal. At least you’re enjoying life so why give this stuff much attention?

Well, here’s a bit more of the puzzle. See what you can do with it while you are deciding whether or not to keep visiting this blog site.

6 Ways The Survivor/Addict Personality Costs You

Low Self-Esteem:  Adrenalin Addict behavior is compulsive, out of control, counterproductive, expensive in time, energy and relationships. Actually this kind of behavior brings more pain than pleasure in the long run.

Ask yourself

Does it ever bother you that sometimes a Force greater than yourself seems to be in charge of your life, your time, your money? And, maybe it isn’t the Force of goodness and Light whose ends are rewarding and happy?

Does it ever bother you that sometimes you burn yourself out doing things that afterwards seem to have been a waste of time?

Low Opinion by Others:  Adrenalin Addict behavior is often experienced by others as disruptive, intrusive, chaotic and energy draining.

Ask yourself

Does it ever bother you that sometimes your behaviors are irritating and draining for others?

Have you ever thought to ask others whether or not they experience you in this manner?

If you did, were you satisfied with their answers?

Low Cooperation with OthersAdrenalin Addict behavior invites adversarial, defensive and/or competitive responses from others.

Ask yourself

Do others find me to be a good team player?

Do I tend to invite out cooperation or competition from others?

Frequent Turnover of Friendships: Lovers, friends, spouses, jobs, interests, money (easy come, easy go), careers, ideas, fads, and values, Adrenalin Addict living leads to a shallow, blocked existence.

Ask yourself

Do I tend to give up easily on relationships, or do others give up on me?

Do I find myself tending to feel bored and unfulfilled in my friendships or intimate relationships?

Does my life seem to have more surface than substance?

Increasing Sense of Despair With Age: In the Survivor/Addict maturity and mellowness do not increase with age. Rather as time goes on Adrenalin Addict living becomes less feasible, and the beauty and strength in life diminishes. Tolerance to environmental toxicity lessens and the side effects of excess excitement increases as the individual burns out and runs out of people with whom to play addict games. It is all just too costly!

WARNING! Adrenalin/Excitement Addiction can lead to emotional/psychological breakdowns, disease, institutionalization and premature death.

Survivor/Addict Living Is Very Expensive!

(And Dark when you get to its core.)

Update – January 30, 2015

The following article was posted, originally, on Anastasia The Storyteller blog site as …

The story of “Mommy, I hate your eye patch!” (Part 1)

Words of a seven year old; my seven year old, named Elisa Joy.

I can still hear them ring out as loud and clear in my mind as if they had just been spoken yesterday.

 “Mommy, I hate your eye patch!”
(Formerly Marcia E. Rosen)
circa 1970

These were the words that changed my life; the words of my seven year old daughter speaking in the code of childhood. One had to be able to de-code child-ese to be able to understand them.

They told me she felt abandoned and betrayed by the disproportionate time I spent away from her, handling my cornea transplants (by this time to I was going on #4 in close to as many years),  my workaholism driven career  – and  -- then the hours given over to socializing.

To this day, no other words have ever quite made their way through t0 my heart so pointedly.

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