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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

From “Awful” to “Awe” And All Points Between

Maps, guide books, personal and shared stories (lots of storytelling) online and face-to-face interactions; support and guidance, personal mentoring, hand holding, encouraging words, words of wisdom from those who have traveled before us. These are what it takes and more to get from wherever one is that might be called “awful” (or even ordinary) to “awe.”

I kid you not the journey is perilous. Only the truly determined need apply. The climb to the top of Mt. Everest is metaphorically its kin as is the struggle of the butterfly to leave its cocoon.

To assist your climb, today I want to bring the main map of the journey to your attention. I introduced it to you, originally, in Chapter One, Part 2: Challenges.

There are two versions.  The first I am offering is a modification of the BIG ONE, Murat’s Chart Of Ascension.  The version below is my simplified version of the BIG ONE.  I will save that one until we are further along on our “adventure of a lifetime” travels here.

If you see the BIG ONE too soon you might dismiss it as too “airy fairy” or religious which it is not. As I know it, it is just common sense if you are sensitive enough to see the ultra-subtleties of life energies and/or scientifically-oriented enough to see that science and mysticism must at their outer edges just simply merge.

For now this first version will do.

For starters, allow me to bring your attention to the following diagram/map that when understood and followed will give you a marked path to follow from “awful” which equals living the life of a “survivor/addict” to “awe,” the way I call the Compassionate Warrior way.

Notice on the chart below that there is a triangle shape on the lower part and a straight line rising from it. Ideally you would want your way of life to be on that straight line, not in the "lower triangle." Keeping that in mind is one of the best guidelines I can offer you.

Step Number One Guideline For The Adventure of A Lifetime: Everything you will find on this site and the other New Horizons’ sponsored sites, referring to the Dark Side, the Dark Side Warrior and the Survivor/Addict are about a way of life that is driven by survival imperatives, placing you in the “lower triangle."

Survival driven urgency is generally more illusory than authentic.  Lookout for “urgencies” as you travel on this trail. Urgencies and “excitement” are like drugs that will keep you lower triangle bound.

Some of the ways I have given you suggestions about how to identify these in yourself  are found in these –
Follow the guide posts and you will find you are truly on the adventure of a lifetime. 

Let me know  if I/we can assist you on it.

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