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Friday, January 29, 2016

Exceptional Community Living: A Most Worthy Lifestyle

There is a vast over-abundance of talk on the problems that are constantly enveloping us. So today with the sun seeming intent on pushing its way out to warm this cold day and, hopefully, melt some more of what remains of last weekend’s monster snow storm, I thought I might take another crack at introducing you to a bit more of the reasoning and rewards for “why bother with community”.

So this is my gift of some sunshine! 
An "exceptional community"
can be like a love bath.

The best offering I can think of, today, is to share with you the perspectives New Horizons and myself hold of what makes all the hard work that we urge worthwhile. 

Destination: a healthy, happy, successful personal life combined with a lifestyle of “exceptional community” living.

Perhaps I may even be somewhat overdue in offering this to you.

My best, most comprehensive written piece on the subject of the “exceptional community” is already posted at this link.  I hope you enjoy reading this. And that what I have written inspires you to dialogue further with me on the subject and share your own visioning of what is possible for our collective lives.

See my article on "The Exceptional Community" here.

One thing to note about the topic, the exceptional community, as New Horizons holds it, is that our model combines the Asklepeion Total Learning Environment – therapeutic community model, originally created by Marty Groder, with the Kebzeh community of Murat Yagan, as recounted by him, based on his ancient Abkhazian heritage.  A New Horizons Newsletter article on the merging of these two can be viewed at this link on pages 6 and 7.

Marty’s Asklepeion model is difficult to summarize. At its height it was beautiful, powerful and transformative. At New Horizons this model lifted us, too, to our peak. I try now and then to come at the subject from various angles, always falling short, to my dismay.  I guess you can only truly know the magic by experiencing it. 

Murat’s oral traditions regarding community are, on the other hand, preserved in writing by him from many different slants, most extensively in his “Building Up A Kebzeh Community” monograph and Ahmsta Kebzeh: The Science of Universal Awe, Volume I.

I hope you will avail yourself of these as well as the many other books written by Murat and derived from his heritage. Murat’s books are available here. New Horizons also still has some of these on hand, if you request them of us at  If purchased through New Horizons they are used in part to support our program and projects and in part to support the Kebzeh Foundation.

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