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Monday, May 30, 2016

Bored In America? Why I Decided To Go Fishing.

I discussed this theme on my last Possible Society In Motion Radio Show, “Bored In America. I Am Going Fishing.”  

The “why” about it is this ---

First off, my take on boredom is that it is an emotional, somewhat physically uncomfortable state that substitutes for the fullness of authentic, meaningful connectedness. 

(See the full GRAD definition here. Then score yourself on the Survivor/Addict Personality Inventory, which focuses on what I am really discussing here, to identify the personal characteristics of yours that feed this state. Each one of the items on the inventory can be a contributing factor to “your boredom. Think about it!)

Boredom then is akin, in many cases, to being a non-ingested chemical addiction, meaning an addiction state that the individual creates out of their own chemistry.

For example, no internet, no cell phone – boredom. But what about fishing?

If you can understand that “boredom” arises out of an emotional state reflecting the absence of meaning and/or substance, you might comprehend why I decided to go fishing, metaphorically (as the only fishing I have ever done is for crabs in the Chesapeake),  for the Memorial Day weekend.  

My family is dispersed, to say the least, and our wonderful U.S.A., as acted out in front of our very eyes amid unceasing reports of local, national and internation conflicts and violence along with our national election campaign drama, is hardly fulfilling. At least not for me, it isn’t. 

Everywhere we turn there are media reports of the rather routine proliferation of human impoverishment we are living in to the level of pure glut of nothingness!  I am concerned, of course. But still, after awhile this "news" is boring, especially when being any significant part of the solution is way out of reach.

This is except for the 1%, of course, exemplified by our noteworthy celebrities who are so bored they must create almost daily dramas of one sort or another, off or onstage such as the case may be, to seemingly give themselves some semblance of being alive. Boring!

When it comes to substance and meaning we are sadly lacking, steeped in want of the special kind of riches, unique to humans, that eludes many if not most, as things stand now.

But Mother Nature, the caregiver of forested trees, fishing holes, sparkling waters, bright sunshine and fluffy clouds is abundant with endless troves replete with natural resources to offset boredom.  That’s why with a free weekend for me, as this one has been, having gotten, early on, to the point of boredom with our present political campaign dramas and other offerings of the greater world via high tech, I thought going fishing would be my best bet, along with my daily indulgences of unlimted writing times.

Wishing you the abundance of your life well-lived and the bounty of your human endeavors overflowing, I offer you here one more tidbit for consideration on how to better our world, at least in America –

 If you’re bored, how about a walk in the woods or hanging out your own “gone fishing” sign – and doing it, one way or another.

Then, if you are still feeling an absence of meaning, tune into my podcast on –

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