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Friday, October 23, 2015

Question #1: What Makes "Community" So Important In The GRAD Paradigm?

Questions and Answers About Groder-Rosen (GRAD) Principles and Perspectives

The discussion in its entirety begins with this article.

Q and A: A work in progress

There are many angles from which to come in providing full answers to this question. I could, no doubt, write an entire book, at least, to address this one question. So this blog post is going to be a long, continuously ongoing one where I will accumulate many answers to the question, along with, hopefully, a good many comments and other related questions.

Answer #1: The Dark Side cannot hide, indefinitely, in a community, especially an “exceptional (human) one.” See my discussion on New Horizons’ “Exceptional Community” approach here.

For your reflection: If the internet is a world wide community, how well is Bill Cosby doing hiding in it?

Allow me to elaborate on this one question; "What Makes "Community" So Important In The GRAD Paradigm?" This one, alone, will be a time consuming endeavor. (My comments on Bill Cosby will need, therefore, to move aside here for now.) My answers to the main question will require deep consideration which will take me some time. 

Consider this one answer (#1) to be under construction as is my GRAD theory presentation in its totality.

Completed answer under construction.

Answer #1A (Posted October 26): The skills we need in order to sustain humanity through its darkest times such as war, extremes of climate change, earthquakes, famine, drought,  economic hardships are most naturally developed in learning to live cooperatively with one another. 

The Dark Side does not do this readily except in times of immediate crisis such as the 9/11 tragedy. Hope for improvement in this comes by developing the skills used, spontaneously initially. This development, however, typically, remains undeveloped as advancement generally demands discipline and commitment which people/the Dark Side repetoire typically disallows..

Comment regarding GRAD’s application of concept of "community" as essential : 

Nonetheless, as you will see as I am able to complete the GRAD theory outline of principles:

  • If individuals and groups will purposely choose to develop the necessary skills to live healthfully in communities, they would be able to, in the process, transform the lead of the Dark Side into gold of the Dark Side’s counterpart which I call the Compassionate Warrior.

  • The dysfunctional community could be considered to grow out of the end result of involved individuals not choosing to learn what they could, if they set their minds to it.

  • Therefore one might say (again as the completed GRAD theory outline will indicate) that “community” is of critical importance to the GRAD theory as it is the basic training camp for transforming the Dark Side as well as it is also the fruit of that labor.

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