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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Questions and Answers About Groder-Rosen (GRAD) Principles and Perspectives

This discussion in its entirety begins with this article.

Q and A: A work in progress

Since I am blessed to have an extensive network of support to help me keep on track with everything I do, now, in life, I asked members of that support network to give me feedback on my introductory piece to the Groder-Rosen (GRAD) theory.

That brought me to see, surprisingly, that simply elucidating all “I” know about the various points I offered could, in actuality, become another whole book. I hadn’t thought of that on my own. GRAD seemed so self-explanatory to me. That can happen when you are sleeping for years with someone, or a theory -- and -- when you are intent on going it alone!  You get to a place where you can't see the forest for the trees.

I used to be that way to a fault! OMG!

In fact, I found it a bit of a stretch, as a psychotherapist, to put myself in the shoes of the hundreds, if not thousands, of people, especially women, I counseled in my twenty-five years in private practice, who were co-dependent. I, personally, was almost totally anti-dependent (a true solo flyer am I)!

The book that some of my supporters saw emerging from that brief introduction, offered yesterday, to the best of my knowledge, would be a book I have no interest in writing! I think it would be a most boring exercise for me. Could the right person/co-author change my mind?

I have no idea!

What I am, now, going to do instead is take advantage of this very intriguing online creation, the blog site, to use the format to expand upon what my friends/supporters are suggesting is a mere introduction (one friend called it a” teaser”) in an attempt to expound upon my own original thinking on various aspects of that piece.

Expect this endeavor to follow in the form of “Questions and Answers.”  Some of the questions will derive from my own conjectures. Others will originate with questions and/or comments from others. I hope my format for the effort will provide reading comfort and contemplation for you, the reader.

The Interactive Side of “Questions and Answers”

Over time we at New Horizons have discovered through reader comments that our blog sites do not seem to take comments readily.  A workable alternative has been derived; if posting a comment, is troublesome for you, you can send me your comment, directly, and I will post it myself if you write me at:

This being said, there is no reason that you, the visitor to this site, if inspired to converse with me about the principles, philosophies and so forth, should hold back from doing so. As I indicated above, simply send your comments and questions to me in an email at: I will post your comments/questions etc., personally, and our dialogue can thus commence and move forward with a bit of an online “community” discussion.

You can also bring your thoughts, ideas and so forth to the Coffee House Conversations by Conference Call forum that Jack Slattery, my Possible Society In Motion Radio Show co-host, and myself host every other Thursday evening. Details here.

More on “Questions and Answers” on the way.

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