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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Coming Up Next: The Groder-Rosen Theory of Almost "Everything" Human (GRAD)

Introducing the Groder-Rosen Addiction Development Theory (GRAD)
(Originally the Survivor Addiction Development Theory (SAD) 

I have been finding it no small undertaking to translate a series of three books (still unpublished), written under contract to Random House (1988 and 1998) into an online blog format. However, the content the series covers is too important to hold back. 

It was so when the series was sold initially. It is even more so today. So an online version seems necessary, at least for now. 

Most important of the content, as I see it, are the detailed formulae the series offers for individual and collective betterment. The basic formulae provide principles that are fundamentals for model communities to serve, not only in ordinary ways, but also as learning laboratories for personal and collective transformation.

Certainly this is a rather utopian dream, most appealing, no doubt, to idealists like me. Yet at this point in time, on the heels of the award of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet, I am inspired to put some of my top priority time and energy into another round of efforts to share the teachings passed on to me, in what I now hold to be a sacred trust, that they might be known and utilized.

Perhaps our time has come!

At the outset of this endeavor, begun last November, the effort to translate the body of knowledge developed originally by my mentor, Martin G. Groder M.D.  (1939- 2007), then researched, expanded and finally written up by myself in my three unpublished books on the subject seemed to be a worthy one. In fact, when I began this task almost a year ago, I thought the endeavor might even offer some refreshing ways and means to present what possibly had grown a bit staid as the “trilogy” sat on my shelves these past years. 

Then I began finding innumerable obstacles that took on an almost daunting quality for me. This accounts for the scantiness in the number and irregularity of my blog posts here.

Not the least of these challenges has been that Groder, in his devotion to the elegant body of theory known as Transactional Analysis (TA) and based upon it, endeavored to create the ultimate theory of the universe on how to bring the world out of its darkness into its ultimate best, if it would only see the Light. This intent on Groder’s part combined with his yearning to be known as one of, if not the, most brilliant men (people???) in his field to lead the way to such a grand destination. 

I admit to being, not only respectful and admiring of Groder’s conception, originally named the Survivor Addiction Development theory (SAD) and later the Groder-Rosen Addiction Development theory (GRAD), but one who could see the potential for its application and eventual success, if enough people would embrace and utilize it as a discipline. I was, without reservation, committed to go as far as I could with the venture. That, still, was an ambitious vision. 

Maybe the 100th Monkey Effect would thus be proven valid here in this instance. If not, so what, I, personally, would have learned to live as beautiful a life as possible, as I believed one should.

However, the “if” has had so many challenges and obstacles built into it that the vision alone could be daunting, if not adjusted for reality.  With this, I believe, I have done well.

On the up side of my challenges is that one thinking construct, in particular, is central to the message I took from Groder’s guidance and already appears to be gaining credibility. The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet dranatically shows us that it just might be possible, even worldwide, for people to begin recognizing, respecting and acting upon the notion that --
"Communities of people working together for the good of the whole can generate enormous change for each as well as the group."
Groder made this teaching tangible in his role as one of the first prison psychiatrists at Marion Federal Penetentiary. As far back as the late 1960s (which I will write more of later) with his efforts to create a viable counterculture, within the prison soon after it opened, replacing Alcatraz as they most maximum security prison in our country. His notable contribution in this arena remains as a remarkable attainment even today.

In my advancement of Groder's theories and organziational strategies for the collective "rehabilitation" of individuals within a group, altering the group as well, I eventually blended his theories with certain methodologies, garnered from my second important teacher, New Horizons’ Beloved community development mentor, Murat Yagan. This expansion of GRAD has now given me an enhanced map and a methodology that I offer you as one that is almost fail safe in delineating how and where to travel for both personal and collective betterment, if that is what you truly want. 

The map is almost as golden as the "egg" I got from Marty. If you can interpret it, it can serve as your own personal TripTik to destination "awe," a place I hold to be attainable, if one puts forth the effort and discipline.

If you cannot make the sense of it that you need and are still intrigued, ask me. I will be your guide, if appropriate.

With all this in mind, along with the inspiration I am taking now from this recent Nobel Peace Prize award – and – the joy, fulfillment and encouragement through recent events I am involved in locally, affirming my ideals almost daily, I am prompted to now be ready again to offer one more round of the wisdom Groder handed off to me.

This is all quite a mind full (and mouthful) for me to present to you. But I am intent on doing my level best with it for this intent. 

Thus I now invite you to, once again, begin exploring this site, as well as your own Dark Side. Our personal and shared growth beckons us to seek out this “the adventure of a lifetime” and a best possible society.

More on the way.

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