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Saturday, October 31, 2015

What Are The Building Blocks Of The Exceptional Community?: Question 4

Questions and Answers About Groder-Rosen (GRAD) Theory Principles and Perspectives

The discussion in its entirety begins with this article.

Q and A: A work in progress

Question #4 from a reader: Anastasia, are there some building blocks for the “Exceptional Community” that we can begin practicing right away?

Answer #4:  Definitely. In fact I have been laying these out for readers since I began writing (2010) for the first of my three blog sites, the New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” Project blog

What I am about to put up, here, for your exploration, asap, will enable you, this very day with hints from that site, to go out in the world (or stay in, if it’s chilly where you are like it is here) and start “exceptional” community-building, after you catch on to even one or two principles and guidelines as I have explained them thus far.

Some of these you may already be applying just because your instincts have shown you the way to the “high” way!

If you have been following (or do now follow) my postings on these three sites; the New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” Project blog, Anastasia The Storyteller, and this one, Exploring Your Dark Side, you may soon begin to see that many principles and hints are already displayed.

Couched in various discussions, I have also been offering my particular set of exceptional community building blocks on my two radio shows, The Possible Society In Motion Radio Show and Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show, since their beginnings. (“Takeaway" questions are sometimes suggested at the tail end of these programs that may also suggest some applications of GRAD to you.)

Of course, these building blocks were not being presented in a systematic format up until now. However, now, through this site, I believe I am in a position to remedy this and use this site, my Dark Side Warrior site (my name for it) as the organizing center for that effort. 

I will begin by outlining four of the most important foundation pieces.  They are listed below. Then I will provide you with some working details on how to learn more about these by going to articles already previously written while I go on to figure out (because I don’t know yet) ways in which I can assist you online with the application of these.

Of course, if you really want my help and what I am offering here is not adequate for your eager interest in becoming an “exceptional community” activist right away, you can always contact me by email at: or on my cell: 240.409.5347 where you will likely be asked to leave a message.

Good luck to all who wish to travel with me!

We are now at the beginning of an adventure of a lifetime!

Exceptional Community Foundation Building Block Principles
  • Lean In: No matter what, lean it toward others with an intent to be bridge builders of humanity at its best. (Of course, don't do this if you are in danger or if it would be unhealthy for some other reason. And, if you are introvert such as I am be sure to balance this with making ample space for your solitude or solitary activities);
  • Avoid debates: Strive to always find the path to dialogue. Debate separates and polarizes. Watch out for intellectualizing rather than connecting with others on a heart level;
  • Get yourself out of the “lower triangle”  (i.e. survival-driven behaviors and attitudes). The lower triangle is displayed in this posting as the second graphic on the page. Notice on that diagram that there is a triangle with the markings on the side indicating "survival consciousness." This is another angle to explore to apply this item.  I will discuss its intrpetation as we proceed.);
  • Strive to consistently behave by putting what Murat* called the “Spectrum Of Love” attributes into your regular daily activities. (In other words, act "as if" if you are yet unable to "be" the real deal.  
(* The best model I can suggest for now is that you imagine yourself on Murat's Bus Ride Story Adventure and how you might, in that setting, be inclined to handle yourself. We will get to this instruction later. For now, simply consider it as a formula to be learned.)

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