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Friday, January 30, 2015

Surviving (Adrenalin) Addictions, Chapter Two: Introducing The Survivor/Addict Personality Inventory

Update: This update extends Chapter Two, Section: The Cost of Having A Survivor/Addict Personality

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The story of “Mommy, I hate your eye patch!” (Part 1)

Words of a seven year old; my seven year old, named Elisa Joy.

I can still hear them ring out as loud and clear in my mind as if they had just been spoken yesterday.

“Mommy, I hate your eye patch!”
(formerly Marcia E. Rosen)
circa 1970
These were the words that changed my life; the words of my seven year old daughter speaking in the code of childhood. One had to be able to de-code child-ese to be able to understand them.

They told me she felt abandoned and betrayed by the disproportionate time I spent away from her, handling my cornea transplants (by this time to I was going on #4 in close to as many years),  my workaholism driven career  – and  -- then the hours given over to socializing.

To this day, no other words have ever quite made their way through t0 my heart so pointedly.

Continued here on Anastasia The Storyteller and-

This update extends Chapter Two, Section: The Cost of Having A Survivor/Addict Personality

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