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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Destination “Awe” – That’s Where We Are Heading

No doubt about it, Exploring Your Dark Side: The Adventure Of A Lifetime (the blog and the books), is my life’s work as well as incorporating the life’s work of many other wise and wonderful people. And, without doubt it has a very specific destination in mind. So it seems fit for me to be as explicit as I can in describing our destination to you.

Our Beloved Murat Yagan, did his utmost to lay out the map and the destination as best he could in the near one hundred years he was with us on this earth plane. When he departed he left behind as much as he was able in written form and a world full of acolytes, aspiring to pass on to others the teachings they received from him.

My earlier mentor, Martin G. Groder M.D., did the same though his teachings are sparse when they come down to the written word. This site endeavors to remedy that deficiency as best I am able. For me – and – all that the New Horizons Support Network, Inc. embodies the teachings of both of these men, incorporated with who and what I have become, are offered on these sites with supreme devotion. 

Three New Horizons’ sponsored blog sites have been created to summarize and encapsulate all of this. 
And, two online radio shows.
Each of these has pieces of the puzzle – and – so do you. We are on journey to our highest attainment. Each individual adventure is unique and different. I/We wish you the best on yours and are available to assist in guiding you if you need me/us.

One small, yet grand beyond words piece I have for you today is to direct your attention to the New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” Project site with the urging that you check out articles labeled “awe” or any reference to it. “Awe” comes as close as I can offer to describe what our destination looks/feels like when you get there.

Below you will find a list of identifying personal characteristics that may also assist you in measuring your progress; the difference between the Light and the Dark Sides. Clarity, love, joy and unity with all of life are words that might define the destination or state of being we are after. 

Optimally healthy in body, mind and spirit in one’s personal life as well as with all other life also come close. And – still I fall short in describing where we are headed. But you will know when you get there.

Also check out Murat’s Seven Ways To Knowledge to help affirm yourself  in knowing you are on your way even when you are not seemingly anywhere new at all. Yet it’s all part of the adventure. 

You will know when you get there! 

In a beautiful video of Murat’s life, produced not too long before his passing he spoke of knowing that a “rose” smelled of God.

I wish you a similar knowing for your arrival at Destination “Awe.”  

What else could it be but awesome!

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