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Friday, November 13, 2015

Taking The “Bother” Out Of Community, Answer #5:3

See bottom posting of this linked article for new entry (5:3) on "Why bother with community...."
"Whoever is not 
aware of this force...."

The discussion in its entirety begins with this article.

Answer 5:3: Question 5,   Why “Bother” With Community When I ……..?, begins leading us in the direction of developing a preliminary understanding of the powerful and profound message and guidance the GRAD theory which, in its entirety, offers us as a basic map out of personal, societal and political dysfunctional into the Higher realms of human attainment. 
That is if we can interpret it accurately and learn to apply the tenets of its resolve.

What GRAD points us to is in the direction of understanding what might best be understood by, first, rearranging the emphasis of Question #5, Why “Bother” With Community When I ……..?

See this linked article for complete new entry (5:3) on "Why bother with community...." -- continued here.

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