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Monday, January 25, 2016

An Enemy Mentality: Is That One of Your (Secret) Downsides?

Anastasia Commenting: On the price we pay for turning potential allies into adversaries

The reptilian brain can be blamed for the survival instinct humankind has that is capable of rising above the primitive, biological force that can serve us well – or prompt us to self-destruct, even lead us to destroy others. 

Personal concerns, especially those related to my recent cornea transplant surgery coupled with the present societal and political climate of our nation prompt me to want to point readers of this site to what I consider the bottom line issue; an enemy mentality and the toll it demands, underlying everything that comes of New Horizons and me, personally.

You will be most able to follow what I have to offer on this point and its intrinsic impact on almost “everything” here if you avail yourself of the opportunity to take the Survivor/Addict Personality Inventory – and – read the overview I have posted on the GRAD theory.

Seeking to, minimally, make a dent in the widespread “enemy mentality” infecting our society and politics is what I deem to be the next important agenda for this site.  If nothing else, I am hoping to, at least, expose some of the facets here of this destructive force that prompts us to make enemies out of potential allies; combatants out of possible collaborators.

Your expanded and refined consciousness would be a start. Your enhanced and more highly developed conscience would be an even greater reward for me.

So – if you have not yet done so, avail yourself of my Survivor/Addict Personality Inventory. And, if you have anywhere near a total score above 35, pay particular attention to any and all forthcoming posts that take up this theme, “An Enemy Mentality: Is That One of Your (Secret) Downsides?”

This sum total means, for starters, that the Force in YOU  is not operating with enough Light enough, maybe not at all!

Beginning Soon! 

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